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Dominic: Anyone would have broken by now.

Origin Edit

Abby was created to explore a story idea, and kept growing from there.

Appearance Edit

Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, average build and height.

Information Edit

Shy, open-minded, and independent, Abby chafes at not being permitted to make her own choices in life. She is a rule-follower by nature, but the constant pressure to do what she would do naturally causes her to feel slightly rebellious. She knows right from wrong; why can’t anyone trust that she does? Her rebellions are small things - wearing jewelry, having a friend her aunt doesn’t approve of, sneaking music and books her aunt would destroy. She’d go insane without music of some kind.       

At age four she discovers a “dragon’s egg”, which her father later swaps out for a plush her grandfather made for her, and so creates this imaginary dragon she dubs “Dominic”. When Abby was six years old, her parents died in a fire, causing her to be raised by her great-aunt. Her home life is radically different; she is sent to see a shrink when she won’t stop talking about her imaginary friend even after the plush disappears. This encounter scares her so badly she never mentions the dragon again, but he’s still there.

Ten years later, she discovers her grandfather's journal, as well as a prototype for a video game he was working on. Soon after she notices her dragon's behavior no longer seems under her control. She does research on her own, unwilling to risk being sent back to the shrink or worse. According to some sources, "imaginary friends" can be demons in disguise. At first she scoffs; that sounds like something her aunt would say. Even "Dominic" laughs it off. He also tells her to stop looking - there's nothing wrong he's just in her head - he can't do anything unless she lets him. He's not a threat. After a few events, it all comes to a head and she has to face just what he is on her own. 

Trivia Edit

  • Abby's name actually comes from a story in The Rumpelstiltskin Problem.