"I'm the Demon of Disorder. You know I'm gonna drive you into the ground."

~ Nasty Piece of Work

Origin Edit

The "real" Aftermath was caught in the Gold game Cutler owned. He was trained to Level 55 and used for Stadium matches.

Appearance Edit

Like every other of his kind, Aftermath is black with red eyes and gold glowing ring markings.

Information Edit

As an Eevee, he was left with Caesar, a retired Trainer that now runs a daycare for Pokémon Trainers. Time passed and his Trainer never returned. While in Caesar's care, the Eevee befriended a female of his kind called Anne. Then Electro and his Trainer passed through and seeing how she cared for her charges, the retired Trainer gave the pair to her. He was distrustful and angry, which prompted the name "Aftermath" as his actions were the result of his abandonment. With time, he grew to trust the girl and finally evolved into the powerful Umbreon he is now.

He and Anne later became mates, and the pair has a trio of children: Arunshock, Ariel, and Arson. Aftermath is a supportive father, though known to push his children too hard. He is dangerous when his family is threatened. Anyone foolish enough to harm them should make peace with whatever higher power they serve because it will be the last thing they do.

As a battler, Aftermath is ruthless. His overall attitude is one of scorn and sarcasm. Mercy should never be expected, as he will not give it. He and Anne head the Eevee Revolution, the all-Eevee evolution branch the Pokémon Warriors.

Move Set: Edit

  1. Quick Attack
  2. Feint Attack
  3. Bite
  4. Moonlight

Trivia Edit

  • All members of the Eevee Revolution have names which start with "A"