Philosophy of Life (in a phrase): "It's better to bend than break."

Origin Edit

Created as Professor for The Pokémon Warriors.

Appearance Edit

5' 1", 100lbs, short brown hair and eyes, peach complexion. Default outfit: doctor's jacket, pale blue dress, heals.

Information Edit

Aisha Willow was born and raised in Celadon City. She grew up without her father. Growing up among Pokémon and "normal" animals, Aisha questioned. Just what is the difference between "Pokémon" and normal animals? She received some assistance in her research from the street dog Yashita, whom she eventually adopted. Eventually, the need to know got the better of her. Yashita at her side, she set out to become a canine Pokémon Trainer and discover what sets each apart.

Pokémon Trainer Edit

Aisha's journey as a Trainer almost didn't happen. She refused a starter, claiming Yashita was all she needed. Her family and the Gym Leader protested, so she laid down a challenge - if she and Yashita could catch a Pokémon, they would be allowed to leave, no more arguments. To everyone's surprise, the duo managed to capture a male Growlithe. They left that day in search of the other canine species. In the course of the journey, Aisha found the answers she sought.

Pokémon Professor Edit

After her journey, Aisha Willow became a Pokemon Professor of the Kanto Region. She specialized in understanding the similarities and differences between Pokémon and animals. She moved to Amaranth Village, where she lives with her dog, her Growlithe and her Mightyena.

In The Pokémon Warriors Edit

In this parody fan fiction, Aisha (with the surname "Wolf") and Professor Willow appeared as separate characters. This is because when reworking the story, Cutler realized that Electro and Aisha's stories needed to be split to work. Aisha's redesign and reworking was represented by being sacrificed to Lucifur. This event is not considered canon, though, as the entire story is an in-universe fan fiction. When it was decided to make Electro's story the sole fanfic, Professor Willow was given Aisha's name as a nod to the original story.

Trivia Edit

  • She got her name from the Yellow Power Ranger and Kiara's original name. Willow was chosen to keep up with the tree theme Oak and his fellows had going.

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