The Alabaster is one of Aufaniae’s five dragon tribes. It is the smallest tribe, comprised completely of Blade dragons. For the most part they are descendants of the family of Alabaster, a Blade dragon tragically killed by his best friend in the early days of Rosmerta’s founding.


The word “alabaster” is Latin, and derives from the Greek “alabastros”. It is usually used to identify a type of mineral found in limestone caves and often used for containers and sculptures. The most likely reason the original Blade carried this name is its resemblance to some Blade’s coloration.


Blade dragons arrived in Aufaniae years before the Shenandoah did. When the new dragons were driven from Palladium, the Blades reluctantly joined with them, become the Blade Clan. The tribe itself began in the aftermath of the Blade Alabaster’s untimely death. His family wanted vengeance, and saw it as proof that they should never have trusted the Shenandoah at all.

When Alabaster was killed by his Blaze companion, his family was livid despite the message he left behind detailing exactly what led to his death. In their rage, they slaughtered his companion, who offered no resistance. This had the predictable result in that the Blaze’s family retaliated. The Dragon’s Fire at that time judged that both sides should call it even and have done with it. The Shenandoah Blade Clan was torn after this, some agreeing with the Blaze King and others with Alabaster’s kin. In the end, the Shenandoah split into three factions: those who considered it a tragedy, but unlikely to reoccur; Alabaster’s kin and their supporters; and a group of Blaze dragons who were just as wary as the Blades. The last of these became the Dwimorcarch.


The Alabaster is a patriarchy with a ridged hierarchy established below the leader. Females are held to high standards of what is deemed appropriate behavior.


The tribe, like most non-humans, believes strongly in both the Creator and the Destroyer.


Blades speak three known languages; their own original dialect, the speech of the Shenandoah, and the “common speech” all non-humans possess.




Areas with significant populationsEdit

The Alabaster is confined to the northwestern edge of the eastern half of Rosmerta. Their territory is located within Shenandoah borders but as this offers them some slight protection no one has seen fit to inform them of such.

Related ethnic groupsEdit

The Alabaster is descended from the same stock as the other Blade Dragons, but is otherwise unrelated to any other ethnic group.


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