"Just try will never be enough. I'll show you; there's nothing that I can't do."

~ Catch Me If You Can

Origin Edit

Anne was Cutler's first Eevee in the Pokémon games. She was trained to Level 50 and used in Stadium battles.

Appearance Edit

Anne is a yellow creature with a white ruff, black eyes and inner ears. Her fur is spiky and she lacks an obvious tail.

Information Edit

Anne, like Aftermath, was left in the care of Caesar Mamoru and given to her current Trainer along with her mate. She developed a sort of hero worship for Electro, and thus chose the electric evolution of her species. She has a kind, gentle personality, but also likes to win. No one can ever convince her she cannot be a strong battler, and so that is what she became.

Anne is the leader of the Eevee Revolution, an all Eevee evolution branch of the Pokémon Warriors. She and Aftermath have three children, Arunshock, Ariel and Arson. She trains with them daily, to help them grow stronger. She has also appeared as a friend to Gloria in The Pokémon Warriors.

Move Set: Edit

  1. Quick Attack
  2. Thundershock
  3. Double Kick
  4. Pin Missile

Trivia Edit

  • Anne was named after Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables.
  • She was originally named Sue's Anne, as her "mother" was Susan.
  • Her daughter Ariel was her sister in the original version.

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