Ariel: When are you going to learn you cannot win?

Origin Edit

Ariel is from one of Cutler's Pokémon games. She was raised to level 70 and used to defeat the Elite Four.

Appearance Edit

Ariel is light blue with darker blue markings. She has pale blue fins aside from her tail.

Information Edit

Ariel is the middle child of Anne and Aftermath's children. She is more relaxed than her brothers, though she has no patience for slackers and pushes herself in training. She finds Arson frustrating as she's the one that has to put his fires out. If she loses a battle, you can count on her asking for a rematch, in which she will usually win.

Move Set Edit

  1. Quick Attack
  2. Aurora Beam
  3. Surf
  4. Hydro Pump

Trivia Edit

  • Ariel is named after the character in The Little Mermaid.