Electro: “Would you stop trying to sound like Mewtwo? It’s creepy.”

Origin Edit

Arunshock was an Espeon bred in the original Gold game. Like his sire Aftermath, he was a Level 55 Stadium battler.

Appearance Edit

Aru is a pale lavender, fox-like creature like all of his kind. Only the gem on his forehead and the insides of his ears are not some shade of purple. The gem is red and his inner ears are blue.

Information Edit

Aru's name is a play on the phrase "Are You In Shock?", as this would be a common question to witnesses of psychic abilities. He occasionally tries to talk like Mewtwo, to be more intimidating. All this succeeds in doing is creeping his teammates out. He has yet to appear in The Pokémon Warriors series, but has made cameos in the Troll Reformation League fan fiction Troll Division.

Move Set Edit

  1. Shadow Ball
  2. Psybeam
  3. Morning Sun
  4. Quick Attack

Trivia Edit

  • "Aru" means "son of" in Island of the Blue Dolphins

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