Bumble: “You are a very…fascinating girl.”

AshWolf: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Origin Edit

AshWolf Forever was created by reusing Cutler’s old username “Ash Of Wolves”, which had already been shortened to AshWolf while playing Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Forever simply meant that this would be her final username.

Appearance Edit

AshWolf Forever shares three key physical traits with Cutler: hair color, eye color, and the placement of her earrings. Her coat is yellow, Cutler’s favorite color, and white, which is what you get when a color wheel spins. Her collar is a rainbow pattern because Cutler loves rainbows. The Pokéball attached represents both her love of the game and the emotional connection it has to her father.

Information Edit

AshWolf Forever is Ashleigh D.J. Cutler’s avatar. It is the form she takes whenever she must enter one of her stories, or interact with others online. She lives in a tree in the center of Crepundium. The Mistress of Crystal Prism, the she-wolf is spoken of in the myths of the realm as its creator - though not The Creator - and she who lays out destiny. Those in Crepundium know this for a fact, though it garners her little respect. She can be appealed to by those caught in Lucifur's grasp or those desperate to escape their fate. Like most fates, however, it is usually a gamble to do so. You may be saved only to be reborn into tragedy. Your new fate might be to kill rather than simply betray. Thus most simply surrender to whatever fate lies in store for them.

Trivia Edit

  • To date, AshWolf has not physically appeared outside stories set in Crepundium or in fanfiction.
  • A variation on AshWolf once appeared in The Pokémon Warriors. Aisha “Ash” Wolf was a mix of Cutler at 13 and the older version of Ashtree Waxwing. This is mainly because the story was based on both her gameplay and little stories she made up at the time, in which Ashtree featured as the main character. Aisha was created to take her place, but this was later scrapped. And when referring to this character, the proper spelling is “AshWolf” – one word, two capitals. Aisha was “Ash Wolf”.