Ashtree: In English, you can’t have wolves without love.

Origin Edit

Ashtree was created in 1998 as the human form of Sín Nara.

Appearance Edit

Ashtree is 4 feet tall, about 90 pounds, and has long red-brown hair, brown eyes flecked with gold, and a tan complexion. Her facial structure betrays her Native American and Irish heritage.

Information Edit

Ashtree is a caring but distrustful person. She takes her time warming up to people, but once she considers you a friend she will defend you to the end of time. Unless you betray her, then its recommended you run. Ashtree is an introverted individual. She is quiet and soft-spoken, though once she loses her temper you are in big trouble. Ashtree likes to laugh, and has no problem being teased by or teasing her friends. However she won’t tolerate outright verbal abuse.

In 2003 she was turned into a wolfdog pup and unceremoniously dropped into Aufaniae’s Jasper Mountian Pack. She finally gained the ability to shift between her human and wolfdog forms. But before this she met a dragon named Gareth who became her “master”.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashtree is not considered a separate character from Nara, even though she has a different set of parents and birth place etc.