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Aufaniae is a parallel world to Earth created to prove human involvement was not solely to blame for the chaos Earth eventually became.


Aufaniae came to light in the early 2000’s when Cutler noticed that many of her stories took place outside Nirvana Valley. As it clearly was not Earth, she began to explore this world and soon had a good grasp of it as a whole. The name came from a collective group of Celtic mother goddesses, meant as a variation on the “mother earth” concept.

Physical AttributesEdit

Though identical to Earth at its beginning, minus humans ever coming into existence, Aufaniae did not remain a perfect duplicate. Even so, the known part of Aufaniae is much like Earth's Northern Hemisphere. Rosmerta in particular is much like North America in climate. It is mostly grassland and forests with a few deserts and mountain ranges. It has three known continents; Rosmerta, Paladium, and Chantico. It is also round, like Earth, and so there may be more but as of yet this has not been proven either way.


Aufaniae is home to many creatures that are mythical, extinct or endangered on Earth. It connects to Crepundium and Earth via the Chamber of Waters. Aufaniae was not intended as a home for mankind. However, the dragons discovered a way to reach Earth, and brought back humans as curiosities. Time runs parallel to Earth, though the calendars the various cultures use may vary. Despite this, Aufaniae is not much more developed than Earth was in the Middle Ages. This is largely due to the first humans arriving sometime before the fall of the Roman Empire, and the fact there is no way for the “mother country” to send shipments of useful items like nails. Everything had to be built from scratch or reinvented.


  • Aufaniae displays a passing resemblance to Narnia, but was not created to be a copy of it. Cutler actually tried hard not to borrow ideas from it.