The Backyard Animal Group or B.A.G. as it is known, is an animal welfare group in Colden Colten. Bridget MacCarrell is its president and founder.


The B.A.G. was founded in 1995 by Bridget MacCarrell to advance protective legislation and care for the local strays. Its first success was a system of tags used to identify "adoptable" animals, followed by convincing local restaurants to donate leftovers rather than throwing them away. It was dragged into an animal conflict after the death of its mascot Sunny Catstone.

The Stray CaféEdit

The B.A.G.'s clubhouse is also a free-range animal shelter, with a maternity ward and Last Chance room. It also came to house a restaurant of sorts - vending machines provide sandwiches and drinks, while there is also bottled soda and water at the bar. All funds collected go back into upkeep and caring for the animals.


The Backyard Animal Group is based on a club Cutler tried to start in her childhood, which unlike the fictional version was a complete failure.

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