Bleedthrough Example by Wolfsea and ConstanceLirit

Richie affected by bleedthrough's "system override".

Bleedthrough is a phenomenon that effects reincarnated and redesigned characters. Its full effects have not been seen outside of Crepundium. Cutler dubbed the process thus after reading about repainted items sometimes having the original colors bleed through to the surface.

Both reincarnated and redesigned characters have what can be called a “bleedthrough form”. Its appearance depends upon how many incarnations (or resdesigns) the character has had and how close their current form is to the original. A character who has only had one prior incarnation will resume its original form. A character who has gone through several may merge current and prior forms.

Bleedthrough most often refers to “system override” which forces a reincarnated character to assume their “bleedthrough form”, where the stress of a major breaking point trips a metaphorical switch. Often this is a life-or-death situation or being unable to obtain an important goal in their current form. Once the cause has been dealt with, the character reverts to their current form, sometimes with no memory of having shifted between them in the first place.

Redesigned characters have been shown not to need such prompting and can simply swap between their current form and their bleedthrough one. It is currently unknown if a reincarnated character can do so as well, or if they are only capable during the above “override”.

Less dramatically, bleedthrough also refers to traces of a character's previous incarnation(s) showing through, which is true for most if not all reincarnated and redesigned characters.It is common for personality traits to carry over from the original form onward. Colors, as per the Law of Changing Form, often do so as well. For reincarnations, their original name may carry over, either due to residual memories forcing the character themselves to insist that is their name[1], or due to some accident of fate causing their parents to choose it[2], one extremely close to it or of a similar meaning[3].

  1. As shown with Bumble; to this day he still corrects all use of "Bryan", the name his parents gave his current form.
  2. Richie sounds close to "Rixie", his original name, while his current full name, "Richard Carlton", if shortened to "Ric Carl" sounds eerily similar to "Ricardo", the name Rixie at one point was changed to.
  3. Ashtree (Sin Nara) has had this happen a few times. Her "second" incarnation bore the name "Asmer" which means "ash tree".