The House of Bloodstone was introduced in Moonfire, as the bloodline to which Pyrope Bloodstone belongs. The facts regarding it vary depending on which universe the story takes place in. The House of Bloodstone is a family of Western Fire Dragons, or more accurately the remnants of the Blaze dragons. The Pokémon Warriors establishes that Breeze Skylark is a direct descendant.

Etymology Edit

Bloodstone, or heliotrope, is a type of green chalcedony spotted or streaked with red, used as a gemstone.

Origins Edit

The House of Bloodstone originated in Europe. The line was forced out around 1475 A.D. due to hunting and persecution.

History Edit

Blackthorn Drake's mate was Ruby Bloodstone. Presumably, she and her family accompanied her mate to Japan. Not much else is known at this time.

Appearances Edit

Members of the House of Bloodstone appear in Moonfire and The Pokémon Warriors.

Notable Members Edit

  • Pyrope Bloodstone
  • Rafe Bloodstone
  • Argent Ryuu

Trivia Edit

The House of Bloodstone is the only other line of Fire Dragons mentioned in either series save the House of Drake.

References Edit

Bibliography Edit

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Heliotrope - Wikipedia

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