Bremen Town is a band of cats that formed on Thunder Island in 1993. The band started with the two brothers Simba and Johnny Shiloh, and was joined by Thomas O'Malley, his wife Duchess Bonfamille, his stepsons Berlioz and Toulouse Bonfamille, and Oliver Foxworth. Mittens, Simba's mate, joined in 1996.

Information Edit

Bremen Town started as the house band for the forerunner of the Stray Café. When the story of the Catstones and the Von Rustins moved to Colden Colten, the band moved with it. Over the years it was phased out, and disbanded in 2006. In 2014, Bumble got the band back together for a concert. It has played back-up for various acts, including Zephyr, Pisces Catstone, and most recently Bumble himself, who still performs for the other characters.

Trivia Edit

The band name comes from the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, which Cutler enjoyed through out her childhood.