"Sunny's blood will end you. His blood, and Tristen's, will outlive you. I promise." ~ Mufasa to Cain

Origin Edit

Mufasa was Cutler's dog, purchased in 1994 as a runt puppy. He later died in 1998 due to his heart murmur.

Appearance Edit

Mufasa is an American Rottweiler, so he is stockier and shorter than Cain. He is also somewhat overweight. He has dark brown eyes and mahogany markings.

Information Edit

Mufasa is an unofficial Von Rustin to most of the Islanders since he lives in the same household. His main loyalty is to Bridget, his mistress. He holds no show titles, only obedience ones. He dislikes imported dogs as most of the ones he has met looked down on him. Mufasa was named after a The Lion King character, much as Sunny Catstone's son Simba was. This doesn't bother him, if anything it made him closer to the cat. He embodies the strongest traits of dogs; loyalty and self-sacrifice.

Trivia Edit

  • The real Mufasa never had any titles, not even obedience ones.

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