Bumble: Sweetheart, look. There's more to being a "rebel" than just disagreeing with everyone. With me its like this: I know who I am, what I am, and I won't change for anyone. All you need to do is find out who you are, not what ticks everyone else off. Be true to yourself, and you'll do it without even trying.

Origin Edit

Bumble was created between the ages of three and six. He was based on a bumblebee that was often found around Cutler’s sandbox.

Appearance Edit

Bee Edit

Bumble the Bee

Bumble the Bee

Bumble the Bee was about six inches high. His body was deep gold with black stripes, limbs and antennae. His eyes were orange. He was a bit fuzzy, like most bumblebees, and had two white wings.

Drone Edit


Bumble the Lone Drone

In Drone form, Bumble was about 1ft tall. He had a black head, limbs and stinger, with a lavender thorax, dark purple abdomen, fuchsia wings and orange eyes. In Clone Drone form the lavender, purple, and fuchsia became the swirling shades on his wings.

Fausap Edit

(As seen in the infobox) Bumble is now about 9in tall. His fluff or fur is a deep purple, his head and limbs the same black they've always been, golden wings and orange eyes.

Information Edit

Bumble is loyal to a fault and vengeful over even the smallest offense. His vocabulary contains several curse words and a huge store of quotes from his favorite fandoms. He prefers hard rock, metal and some borderline hip-hop where music is concerned, but has some country favorites as well. The former Bee holds the fifth rank in the Old Guard, and as such is one of the highest ranking creatures in Crystal Prism.

Since rejoining AshWolf's characters, he has opened a sword shop on Thunder Island and performs concerts with Bremen Town at their venues.

As a Bee Edit

Bumble was created to help control Cutler’s fear over his real-life counterpart, which at first appeared to have failed. He was a friendly, protective creature that guarded her alongside Tristina the Bat. His defining trait was that his stinger grew back when used rather than killing him. Thus, he bears the title "The Loyal Protector, He Who Stings Without Dying."

Bumble fell out of use around the early 1990’s. It is unknown why he didn’t originally become a character in his own right like his contemporaries. It is assumed to be due to his personality being too much like that of Rixie and Tristina. Unused by AshWolf, Lucifur struck, presuming the Bee to be his rightful prey. By the time his creator discovered what had become of him, Bumble had been reduced to eight words: "Bumble, the loyal protector who stings without dying." Everything else about him was gone. He handed his creator what was left of him, praying it would be enough. AshWolf released him to the Haunted Forest, and began to try and bring him back. It wasn't until 2014 that she finally managed it.

As a Drone Edit

In May 2014, AshWolf won a "Lone Drone Troll" in one of Yenzig’s drawings to “capture” a Troll in her role-play game Troll Reformation League. AshWolf firmly believes that her parents arranged this to give her a chance to reclaim one of her oldest characters.

The Lone Drone was born to Samuel, a ladies' man wanna be rock star of a Lone Drone, and Joan, a InuYasha Hive Drone. Joan was of a line of Lones bred to fuse with Crimson's line of Ronzors and become Knights to guard the Hive. She named her son "Bryan", but due to the residual memories, he constantly corrected everyone that his name was "Bumble". After his father failed to help Bumble and his mother escape, his parents were fused and Bumble became the responsibility of his elder half-brother Truman.

When Bumble was still a child, war broke out between his birth Hive and a Shonen Mowgli Hive. In the chaos, Truman snuck Bumble out, but not before tampering with his memories. When he awoke in an alley off a busy street, Bumble wasn't even aware what he was. Terrified, the boy fled into the woods where he met up with a Beedrill named Yari. Believing the Drone was a new species of Pokemon, Yari took Bumble back to his hive where the Lone would grow up. As a "teen", Bumble found himself with a crush on Yari. He never got the chance to act on those feelings, however, as Yari was killed in a Drone attack. The Hive then ran Bumble out and he found himself back on the streets where he'd started.

It was on the streets that Bumble stumbled upon The Chatroom, a bar owned by the Yuk-Yuk Sam, an old friend of his sire who had also helped to raise Truman. Sam recognized him at once, as Bumble's general behavior echoes his grandfather, father and brother's a little too much. Sam gave him a job and a room, which quickly became his sanctuary. He tried, time and again, to join Hives, but one way or another always ended up right back with Sam.

Bumble had given up on the whole mess - the most recent Hive had torn itself apart from the inside out - when he spotted a lovely Clone in the reflection of the bar's front window he was cleaning. After a major misunderstanding, he found himself dragged back to her The Lion King Hive as her tailor apprentice. The rest of the Hive didn't like him one bit, and the feeling was mutual. However, Vera, the Clone, and he grew to be friends with time and he found himself falling for her. When she moved up in rank to the Guard, they were forbidden to socialize. He finally dared to ask her to leave with him, only to be brushed off loudly. The guards that heard the commotion wasted no time in accusing him of sexual harassment. He was demoted down to trash duty, and connected to the Hivemind, which shocked him painfully whenever his thoughts didn't follow the line.

In either a fit of bravery or stupidity, Bumble left the TLK hive after that, believing any chance of a future with Vera was gone. Besides, he refused to give up his beliefs (Scar is Nala’s father, The Lion King was based on Kimba, among others). He was found by another Scar-is-Nala’s-father fan, Yenzig, and introduced to her fellow Tamers. He instinctively latched onto AshWolf Forever and appointed himself guardian of her fanfics. He built in a nest in Nottingham, AshWolf's tree home. He is also a fan of Kimba, InuYasha, Spirited Away, Shonen Mowgli. His favorite films are The Lion King, Spirited Away, Oliver & Company, The Ricochet, Lethal Weapon, and The Professional. TV series include Kimba the White Lion, InuYasha, Wolf’s Rain, Highlander, Hercules, Xena, Burn Notice and Psych.

After joining AshWolf's team, he was reunited with Vera, now known as Vexus, who had in his absence had rose to Queen and been driven out in the same day. He took advantage of the second chance and this time, she returned his affection. A laptop crash kept them apart for six months and when he returned, her affection was still there. However, she had made several enemies, including children she and Carl, a Clone Drone Bumble would later count as a close friend, had had via artificial means.

Bumble's return brought the escalation of the hunt for Mason and in the aftermath of Release the Hounds his dream came true when he and Vexus married. Bumble ended up returning the favor Carl had done his lady, which resulted in three children with Carl's daughter Ellenscia. He was also reunited with a former Hivemate, Datura, which put a minor strain on Hive relations until she met his son Buzz. He managed to find his brother Truman shortly before Buzz and Datura had their first litter. Several betrayals left many presumed dead, among them Bumble's wife. When the dust settled, the TRL Hive was no more.

As a Fausap Edit

After the fall of the TRL Hive, rumors flew of the dead's survival and reformation. Bumble however stayed in his nest surrounded by bottles of Jack Daniel's. Despite not being aware of his lady's survival, their Hivemind connection via his wedding ring triggered his reformation. He had never truly had Lone Drone traits and as such his shift went smoother than most. His wings have changed, but his emotional bonds haven't. He will always consider himself his children's father, and Heaven help you if you attempt to remove him from his mate's side. Another thing that hasn't changed is his "chewtoy" status with Professor Scarlet - the Bloody Kitsune's habit of munching on him is just something he's accepted as the price of his happily ever after.

Trivia Edit

  • Bumble got his name from the children’s rhyme: “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, won’t my mommy be proud of me. I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee – Oops! He stung me!”
  • Its completely possible "Bumble" wasn't his name at all, due to the existence of a My Little Pony character with the same name.