Cain spoke four words, his eyes cold as ice, in quiet rage. Just four, simple words. “Desperado, give me vengeance.”

~ Sunny's Girl

Origin Edit

Ricochet was the third character created in a trio of similar dogs. The original character was a solid gray German Shepherd-like dog, named for the end credits song in 1991’s Ricochet. In 1996 or 1997, Cutler's mother bought a German imported Rottweiler named Zak, who was dubbed “Ricochett” (yes, spelled that way). Due to her habit of turning pets into characters, Ricochett slowly replaced Ricochet, taking over the former’s role. The name Cain von Hirshenwald was created to replace “Zak” as his pedigreed name, in order to separate the real dog from the character.

Appearance Edit

Cain is typical of his breed, slimmer than an American Rottweiler but obviously not a natural Doberman. His markings are slightly darker than Mufasa’s.

Information Edit

Cain is shown to be much like his master; cold, harsh, and self-righteous. He is also somewhat snobbish with regard to his pedigree and looks down on those of “lesser” bloodlines. Cain was owned by Sebastian Kempton, an Animal Rights leader who trained him to kill stray cats. He follows his master’s commands with a dogged determination, destroying anything that stands in his way. No matter what, Cain firmly believes that his master will return for him once he has completed his task.

Trivia Edit

Cain’s killing of the cats was inspired by the real-life Ricochett, who did kill two cats for sure. This was a result of mishandled Schultzhund training, as far as anyone could tell. The real Ricochett was originally meant to be a police dog.