Cats as we know them (felis catus) appear in mainly in Earth settings. In Aufaniae they are limited to Palladium. Crystal Prism cats have no physiological differences from real life cats, and so most information found on Wikipedia regarding their behavior etc. hold true for them as well.


In AufaniaeEdit

Cats came to Aufaniae via children that came with the Shenandoah that brought along their pets. Obviously those few bred and soon many cats filled the area.


In the Islander MysteriesEdit

A good portion of the cast in this series is made up of cats, broken down into the strays or pets, and down further into bloodlines such as Catstone, LeNoirchat, Shakespeare Guild.

In The Stormrider TrilogyEdit

Strays and pet cats of Stillwater make minor appearances throughout the series, with a few notable reoccurring characters like Balam and Wilo.

In The Stray Café ChroniclesEdit

Three books in this series focus on cats, Pisces and the Papillon, Sins of the Sister and One Cat’s Journey. Otherwise it follows its predecessor in its use of cats.

In Wolf’s ChildrenEdit

Cats in this series rarely appear, save Willow, the pet of one of the protagonists.


Cats in general live in a hierarchy in which rank is determined by strength and battle skills rather than wisdom. Ranks are usually divided in gender lines, and may change at any time though usually once settled in a stable environment they often remain the same.


Cats speak two main languages, their native tongue and “common speech”, a language understood by all non-humans. Most will eventually learn to comprehend at least the basics of the local human tongue as well.


In Aufaniae, there have been rare cases of cats mating with felis virus. Each of these has resulted in a slowed venom development for the offspring but otherwise they are no different than a full Baluari. There are no known hybrids with felis dissmulo.


Crystal Prism cats often have differing opinions on dogs and other canines. Some view them with disgust, others much as they do humans.

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