The Catstone bloodline descends from Sunny and Moonbeam, two Colden Colten cats owned by Bridget MacCarrell. On Colden Colten members of the line are identified by star-shaped tags.


The term “Catstone” is a portmanteau of the words “cat” and “gemstone”, coined by Bridget MacCarrell.


Born of stray cats, aside from their labeling as “American Shorthairs”, the founding members of the Catstone line’s breeding is unknown.


A member of the Catstone line has held the leadership position of Colden Colten’s cats since 1995, when Sunny defeated Midnight LeNoirchat. It was one of the key participants in the conflict later, as the destruction of the line was one goal of their opposition. Nowadays, one may find Catstone Cats in various parts of America.


Catstone Cats appear mainly in The Stray Café Chronicles. Certain members of the line, such as Pieces, turn up in Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings as well.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Sunny Catstone
  • Simba Clint Catstone 
  • Shadow Natalie Catstone
  • Bagheera Nightshade Catstone


The name “Catstone” was never applied to Sunny’s bloodline in real life. Mittens Trouble Catstone, a cat Ashleigh got from a neighbor after Sunny’s line died out, was the original “Catstone Cat”. Though the origin of the name is correct.



Cutler, Ashleigh. Upon the Gray Borderlines

Schwartz, Alvin. (1992) Stories to Tell a Cat


Sunny’s being the “King of the Cats” comes from Stories to Tell a Cat.

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