Chamber of Waters

Illustration of the main cavern and its waterfall.

The Chamber of Waters is a cavern deep within a cave, lit by torches. It houses a clear pool and an underground waterfall. The walls of its tunnel are engraved with Bobcats and Lynxes. It is the entryway to both Aufaniae and Earth from Crepundium.


The Chamber of Waters was created in 2002. It plays on the idea that flowing water represents time. The felines were used because both represent secrets and hidden knowledge.


"Sicotta Leiwa", as it is also known, is a mystical cave located within the rocky hill that houses the Muse's Spring. Though it is located Crepundium, it forms a bridge between that realm and two others. The main physical entrance is nearly impossible to find from the inside. The tunnel leads to a dead-end where a wolf paw print and a human hand print seem pressed into the stone. It fits Ashtree's hand and Zephyr's paw perfectly; when they place them inside, a door opens... right into Ashtree's closet. At the other end of the tunnel is the pool with its waterfall. Walking through the falls will take you to Aufaniae, but getting back requires a talisman.


  • The Chamber of Waters was named in reference to the Chamber of Secrets in Harry Potter. Cutler has a great deal admiration for the depth of the original series' planning.

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