Chessie: Story, Unca Bumble?

Origin Edit

Chessie is the result of a breeding in the Troll Reformation League game.

Appearance Edit

Chessie the Ronzor

Chessie as a Ronzor.

Chessie was born a light orange with pink markings and green eyes. This causes her to slightly resemble her "cousin", Vera.

Information Edit

Chessie is the daughter of Crimson and Meredith. Crimson had little contact with the babe, though she did tell her to behave for "Uncle Bumble" before finally embracing her destiny to become a Knight. This is the only time Crimson was ever heard to call her former Hive-mate by his chosen name; what that means no one knows. Left behind with "Unca Bumble", she had no name and only a handful of obviously inherited beliefs. Given the duty to name his "niece", Bumble chose to call her Chessie, the call name of a cat character in a book series. Perhaps as a result of lack of exposure to her parents, she is quite pleasant to be around. During the upheaval of the Hive, Chessie encountered Susan, who made her the creature she is now. She's pleased to finally be more like her beloved feline friends, though her former ties are still intact.

Trivia Edit

Chessie's inherited beliefs:

  • Animals have souls. After all, Nasty Beasts are animals, and they have souls...
  • Fausaps are the superior species
  • Humans are useless creatures that have no business being in charge of the world
  • Bumble is her uncle (more her mother's parting gift)

Chessie's original beliefs:

  • Fairies are the guardian angels of plants
  • Cats come from Outer Space
  • Cats invented space travel