Chihiro: Fear is only in our minds.

Origin Edit

Chihiro is an adopt won in the Nasty Beasts RPG designed by Wolfsea.

Appearance Edit

Like all Talfons, Chihiro resembles a wolf save for her wings, tail, and forelegs which mirror a bird of prey. She is white with dark pink eyes, a pale pink nose, and pink forelegs and talons.

Information Edit

As her name suggests, Chihiro is an inquisitive creature. Her birth also raised many questions for Talfons usually come in darker colors. Her white pelt often spoils hunts, so she has been chased from every area she has tried to settle down in. By some miracle she took AshWolf up on her offer of shelter and food. She now resides in the upper branches of Nottingham. Chi, as Gloria calls her, is a quiet soul. She has a regal bearing, much like a Lady and speaks proper English whenever possible. She is slow to anger, but once she goes off even Bumble hides. She doesn't really interact with the others yet, preferring to watch and learn the hierarchy of the strange group she has joined.

Trivia Edit

  • Chihiro was named after the main character of Spirited Away.