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Colden Colten is a New England village off the east coast of the United States of America. The village is best known as a popular tourist destination.


Colden Colten is loosely based on Put-in-Bay, Ohio and to a lesser extent Jasper and Piketon as well. It was created as the new setting for the story of the Catstones and the Von Rustins when the series was separated from the ones that moved to Aufaniae. The name was picked from a book of names, and was supposed to mean something along the lines of “a dark, haunted place”. It doesn’t; it means "coal town".


Colden Colten is the quintessential small town. The population is so small that the idea that “everybody knows everybody” is pretty much true. However as it is a tourist attraction, the locals are very used to seeing strangers and don’t think much of someone they don’t know roaming around. You also won’t find a single chain store anywhere; every business has been in the owner’s family practically back to when the town was founded. The town was laid out to make the most of the community. The residential area is mostly on two streets that surround the playground of the park, with the exception of the apartments. Simply put, if even one parent is home most of the children have some supervision. Since 1995, the local children’s animal welfare group has run an adoption center and restaurant out of an old carriage house. “The Stray Café” as it is called, became famous after Bridget MacCarrell wrote a book series chronicling a conflict between the local animals and an abandoned dog. The success of the series and its film adaptions has turned the Café into a major draw during the tourist season.


  • Colden Colten was set on an island more due to the inspiration of Dick King-Smith’s The Mouse Butcher than Put-in-Bay itself. It was placed in New England due to the influence of Lady and the Tramp.