Come Along the Wolf Trail is the first book Cutler finished. It is an illustrated collection of wolf poems.

Summary Edit

In the midnight silence of a full moon evening a cry rises from the heart of the forest. The wolves are calling for lost pack-mates to return at last. It stirs all who hear it. Some cringe and bolt themselves inside away from the danger. Reckless others fling their doors open wide and plunge into the night. It invitation is open to both the youngest cub and eldest hunter of the pack.

And it is open to you. You stand upon the threshold. Will you dare answer the wolf call? Or child of the wolves, will you forever turn from the voice your heart seeks? This one night the path lies open. The choice is yours. Awwooo!

Trivia Edit

  • One of the poems once won a contest
  • The book follows the life of a wolf

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