The weather had somehow turned to summer. The grass was green and the trees were tall and shady. Wildflowers dotted the landscape and swayed in the breeze. Birdsong filled the air. In short, it was something out of a sappy children’s special. ~ Troll Division
Crepundium is what AshWolf Forever dubbed the five acre territory she calls home. It is mostly forestland, but the eastern edge is a sandy wasteland with a hidden cove. There is also a tall, rocky hill with a spring that feeds the four creeks. It is divided into four sections, each connected to a different category of her writing.

Locations Edit

Quattuor Forest Edit

The place where Cutler's world and those of others meet. Quattuor Forest is filled with calm pools which lead to different universes. It gives off a sleepy feeling, and you may just get lost there.

Heart of Peace Edit

The center of Crystal Prism, this contains Nottingham, AshWolf's ash tree home, and the one place unreachable - most of the time - by negative influences. Its shape is a hold-over from the original Nirvana Valley map.

Haunted Woods Edit

The place where characters disappear whenever Ash has writer's block. It is twisted and dark within, and very easy to get lost. Some characters never come out again.

Haunted Wasteland Edit

Sometimes inspiration just dries up. This is where characters that have been nearly forgotten or whose roles are no longer needed can be found. Many never leave, either due to their own stubborn refusal to adapt to new roles, or because too much of who they once were has been lost to the sands of time for them to be easily recovered. The nearly forgotten sometimes slip out unnoticed in new forms, while those awaiting new roles have to surrender their pride in order to escape.

Twilight Cove Edit

One of the more relaxing places in Crepundium, this cove represents the ecstasy found when a story is completed. Its lovely waves lap at the beach with hypnotizing rhythm.

Swamp of Despair Edit

The dreaded place where inspiration spirals into a murky mess than draws you in like quicksand. It is not uncommon for characters to get lost here for long periods of time.

Muse's Spring Edit

Pouring out from a tall, rocky hill, the Spring is source of all Crystal Prism's magic. Four different streams branch off from the source, spilling down the side and forming four unnamed creeks. One divides the Haunted Forest from the Wasteland, two feed Fire Lake, and the fourth flows through the Quattuor Forest. An opening between the two lake-feeding creeks leads within to the Chamber of Waters, and thus into Aufaniae and Earth.

Thunder Island Edit

Named for a song, this island on Fire Lake once housed the stories of the Catstones and the Von Rustins. It was abandoned until 2015.

Terebinthian Bridge Edit

The bridge that allows access to the Chamber of Waters is named for the fact it leads from the world of childhood magic to the adult writer's realm.

Seven Bridge Edit

The bridge that allows passage to Thunder Island is named as a reference to the Seven-Mile Bridges in the Florida Keys.

Haven's Grove Edit

The only "safe" section of Crepundium's forests, its name is a play on Cutler's childhood address. Haven's Grove contains the playful stories of childhood, fanfiction and other such less serious work. Thus why you can find the Training Field within.

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