Crimson: Lone Drones are supposed to evolve, Bryan. It's the way of the world.

Origin Edit

Crimson was won as an adopt in the Troll Reformation League game.

Appearance Edit

Crimson, as her name suggests, is a red Ronzor with a dark brownish main body.

Information Edit

There's just no point in talking to Crimson. She's more opinionated and warped than Oscar the Grouch. The Ronzor, like all her family, was bred for the purpose of fusing into a Knight to defend the Hive whose territory they shared. It is her belief that that is the reason for a Ronzor's existence and doing anything less is a betrayal of the species. It is the same for Lone Drones; they exist to evolve in one way or another, and to remain a Loner is sacrilege!

Crimson is technically from Bumble's birth Hive, and as a result of her opinions, the pair do not get along at all. She wasn't pleased, to say the least, to find him already Level 10, as the pair were supposed to fuse. When the Hive fell, she went looking for a new one and was captured by Yenzig. When she saw the Lone Drone with his Tamer, she latched on like glue. She returned with them to Crystal Prism and burrowed into the ground beside Nottingham right below Bumble's nest. Unable to remove the Rozor or otherwise mitigate her bad attitude, AshWolf made plans to fuse the Troll with a friend's Drone, thus passing the problem on to someone else. This took place on April 20th, 2015.

Trivia Edit

Crimson's known beliefs:

  • Animals have souls. After all, Trolls are animals, and they have souls...
  • Ronzors exist simply to fuse into Knights; no other option is acceptable
  • Drones are the superior Troll species
  • Lone Drones exist to evolve in one fashion or other; remaining a Loner is a disgrace.
  • InuYasha is historical fact
  • Humans are useless creatures that have no business being in charge of the world