Out on the street, your chances are zero. ~ Murder Incorporated, Bruce Springsteen

Origin Edit

Crockett was based on Brownie, a natural Doberman that lived in Key West at one point. He was created to play the "leader" role for the stray pack Baba and Wana met.

Appearance Edit

Crocket is a tall, lanky dog with a long tail and floppy ears. He has a couple scars on his ears and one on a leg. He is "red and rust", which means he's varying shades of brown. He wears a pink and white bandana.

Information Edit

Crocket is a stray natural Doberman that lives in Miami, FL. He gives off the impression of having seen major hardships in life, and is extremely jaded. He doesn't distrust humans, though he doesn't want a "master" for reasons he keeps closely guarded. He runs his small pack like a worried father.

Trivia Edit

  • Crockett's name is a reference to Miami Vice.