"The truth is a big scam, so let me dream tonight." ~ His theme song

Origin Edit

Darcia was one of may adopts in the Nasty Beasts ARPG game.

Appearance Edit

Darcia is a red and black nāga-like Nasty Beast. The majority of his body is a snake's, but he possesses arms, a mane of deep brown, blue energy glowing from his back, and a black face with whites where his eyes should be. The tip of his tail bears a wolf's skull.

Information Edit

Darcia is a creature of darkness and deception. He has made his home in the Swamp of Despair and never leaves its borders. His bi-annual feedings are easily taken care of in its depths, as characters are prone to getting lost within and no one usually bothers to check their welfare. Darcia delights in leading anyone foolish enough to wander into his domain further inside, getting them lost and thus supplying himself with a food source later. The first being he fed upon was a wolf, and if given the chance he will either claim it was his namesake or the White Wolf himself. Considering Lucifur never existed as a physical being, this is obviously a lie.

Trivia Edit

  • Darcia bears the name of the villain of Wolf's Rain.

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