“The black Belgian Tervuren lounged on the rocky cliff’s edge, looking as ever like a demonic wolf from Hell.”

~ Sunny's Girl

Origin Edit

Desperado started out a black German Shepherd Dog. His name came from the song “Desperado” by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. His personality and temperament were inspired by the song. He became a Belgian Tervuren later on due to the unfortunate implications of having all three dogs of German origin.

Appearance Edit

Desperado is pure black with brown eyes. He appears more like a Belgian Sheepdog than a Tervuren due to his shorter coat. He has a hard, rugged look about him as if he has seen and done things that would leave others dead. The book in which he makes his sole appearance described him as resembling a “demonic wolf from Hell”. His fur is slightly matted and dirty, as it should be due to his stray status.

Information Edit

Desperado was abandoned in 1987. He admired Tristen II and came to believe he was cast aside once he no longer bore a collar. The end result was that he had no use for the Von Rustin or any of his bloodline. He became the leader of the stray dogs, maintaining the position until his death in 1995. This dog is cold and unfeeling. He refuses all emotional attachments and only views others in terms of their usefulness to him. His past accounts for much of this. As he ages he grows more vengeful and violent.

Trivia Edit

Desperado was created in 1996 along with Jack Favor and the Ricochet, with all three named after songs. His major story arc was inspired by the song “Wherever You Go” as performed by Clint Black, and his personality was borrowed from his namesake song.