Dogs as we know them (canis lupus familiaris) appear in mainly in Earth settings. In Aufaniae they are mostly limited to Palladium. Crystal Prism dogs have no physiological differences from real life dogs, and so most information found on Wikipedia regarding their behavior etc. holds true for them as well.

Origins Edit

Most dogs are descendants of wolves that partnered with humans long ago. As such there is some minor abrasion between the wolves and their tame counterparts.

The First Dogs of AufaniaeEdit

Dogs, or “white fangs” as they are known in Aufaniae, are descended from wolves adopted by the early members of the Liberi de Lupus. As the Shenandoah were being expelled from Palladium, the new humans began to bargain for the “dogs” of the tribe. Rather than cause a conflict, the Silvano simply sold pups that were not expected to survive. The Palladians then bred those wolves, and soon recognizable breeds became established. As a result there are few breeds of dogs in Aufaniae and most never leave the country as they rarely survive.

Breeds Edit

As stated above, there are few breeds in Aufaniae. Below are the known established breeds.

Greenwood Sledge Edit

The Greenwood Sledge is a breed of draft dog, named for the Silvano village, used mainly to pull carts and sleds. The breed has two varieties, as far as the Palladians know. The first is the Silvano-bred stock, which is looked upon in much the same way an American would view a German-bred German Shepherd Dog. However, the Silvano lines are actually wolves, not dogs, and as such have longer legs, bigger paws, and a more slender build. The other variety is what should be considered the actual Greenwood Sledge: the Palladian lines, which while descended from the Silvano lines, are many generations removed and selectively bred for strength, endurance and intelligence. The Sledge is looked down upon by the Silvano due to the simple fact that the original stock was weaker pups, ones that could not have survived without the “coddling” of the new humans.

Fisherman Shepherd Edit

The Fisherman Shepherd, sometimes referred to as Fisherman’s Collie, is a medium-sized dog that usually weighs around 50-60 pounds and stands 2ft. at the shoulder. The breed was developed to herd the goats and sheep brought down from the mountain regions, which were then grazed in the plains surrounding Fisherman’s Crossroads, hence the name. The breed is also valued for its protective nature of both its family and its flock. Most Shepherds are trained to kill predators when possible, which is a source of animosity between the breed and most wolves. One notable Fisherman is Juno, mate of wolf-dog Jagger and Lead Female of Jasper Mountain.

Sylvan Deerhound Edit

The Sylvan Deerhound is both a sight and a scent hound used to hunt deer and other game in the fringes of the Sylvan Forest. It is a light-weight dog, build for speed rather than strength. They have long, floppy ears and resemble a mix of the Irish setter and the Scottish deerhound. Sín Nara and Shanae’s wolf-dog sire was part Sylvan Deerhound.

Kilroy’s Warrior Edit

The Kilroy’s Warrior was first bred by King Kilroy Hamish as a war dog. It is built much like a Mastiff or a Rottweiler, though it comes in stocky and slender varieties. The breed is famous for being the only one to hold its own with both wolves and the Greenwood Sledge. In times of peace it is used as a guard dog, and is a favorite of the castle guard and tax collectors.


In the Islander MysteriesEdit

Some key members of this series cast are dogs of various breeds. They are not nearly as divided as the cats, though there are four separate groups: the Islanders or the pets of locals; the Mainlanders, pets of tourists; and the two stray packs, the Throw-Away Strays and the Wildlanders.

In Of Wolves, Dragons & RingsEdit

Strays and pet dogs of make appearances throughout the series, but the most notable are the wolf-dogs of Aufaniae.

In The Windwater PackEdit

This series included four main dog characters.

In Wolf’s ChildrenEdit

The existence and breeding of dogs, or “white fangs” as the Liberi de Lupus wolves refer to them, is a minor detail in this series.


Most dogs are friendly to some extent, though some purebreds have been known to look down on mixed-breeds. It is also common for dogs in the Crystal and Prism universes to dislike or fear wolves. A dog’s opinion on cats varies depending on how it is raised.


Dogs speak two main languages, their native tongue and “common speech”, a language understood by all non-humans. Most will eventually learn to comprehend at least the basics of their master’s tongue as well.


In Aufaniae, there are a good many instances of wolf-dog crossbreeds. When the animals are given a choice such couplings are rare, but due to the fact only the Silvano is aware their “dogs” are wolves, it is common for Palladians to unknowingly breed wolf-dogs when they purchase a new stud or dam from a Silvano line. In wolf packs, such crosses are looked down upon in much the same way dogs themselves are. However, at least on quarter-strain Greenwood Sledge was respected for his fighting skill: Jagger, leader of Jasper Mountain.

Trivia Edit

  • Cutler's love of dogs can be blamed on coming home to one. Tristen Lee Von Rustin II was based on that first dog. Most of Crystal Prism's dog characters are based upon her former pets.



  • London, Jack. White Fang
  • London, Jack. Call of the Wild
  • Curwood, James Oliver. Kazan: Father of Baree


Crystal Prism dogs often have differing opinions on cats and other felines. Some view them with disgust, others much as they do other dogs.

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