Saint Dominic: “A man who governs his passions is master of the world. We must either rule them, or be ruled by them. It is better to be the hammer than the anvil.”

Origin Edit

Dominic "Nick" Whelan was created as backstory device for Mask of the Dragon.

Appearance Edit

Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, average build and height.

Information Edit

Dominic is docile rebellion incarnate. He weighs everything he does on a scale of how it supports his morals and values, yet still manages to garner disapproval from authority figures. His temper is tightly leashed, but his words are his strongest weapon. He resorts to physical violence only when required.

Dominic was born to a factory worker and a house wife. His mother nursed him on the Faith, and he attended Catholic school through scholarships he worked his butt off for. When he came of age, he joined the Navy. A Vietnam Veteran he was quick to say the heroes were those on the ground, not on the "boat" as he was. Through the military he went to Ohio Dominican, majoring in computers and minoring in theology. At first he had more luck with his minor seeking employment, then he lucked upon his career. He married his high school sweetheart, and despite repeated attempts they only had one child, a daughter he doted on.

        From a young age, he liked tinkering with anything he could. This led to a fascination with motorcycles, to his parents' horror. But Dominic didn't let it shake his faith; he didn't succumb to the stereotypical biker culture, though he did gain a love for rock music. He discovered Stryper and stuck with Christian Rock more than the gospel music of his childhood. He never formally joins any club, though he makes friends among one Christian club - one member, fellow veteran Bryan Samson, gives him the nickname "The Dragon". 

        Despite pursuing computer work, Dominic was always fascinated by religion and the similarities between them. How each had the flood, and so on. It seemed to him that the tower of Babel just caused the stories to become confused, so he spent much of his time researching, searching for where the religions met, as they must somewhere back in the day. His search for the past is halted when he notices just how video games take over the lives of children he knows - even his daughter, who spends most of her time in the arcade. What if there was game which promoted the true values? Could it be done?

        He turns his research to video game developing. As he does so, staying up later and later, his dreams become vivid and ... dangerous. He begins to see two figures, constantly battling. One is a dark-haired figure armed only with a staff, the other light-haired with a sharp blade as his weapon. Night after night they do battle, and night after night he wakes more tired than he started. Once more he turned to his religious knowledge, and to his former classmates. He gets much the same advice everywhere; he's on the wrong path, that he's being warned to cease trying force the Lord into unholy things. Dominic brushes this off; were not the children of Fatima told they were consorting not with the Mother Mary, but with the Devil?

        Plus, his daughter is married and due to give birth to her first child - that's stress enough to cause a few nightmares. When he's too tired to work on the game, he works on a gift for his grandchild - a plush dragon that mirrors the patch on his biker jacket. No matter the gender the toy would be loved and a reminder of their grandfather.

        With that done, he takes inspiration from his dreams, making the game he is creating reflect the nightly battles and the duplicity he has seen. He finishes the prototype and, after making and hiding a copy to insure it isn't stolen, shows it to a colleague at work. The response is laughter. The religious nature of the game just won't interest anyone; this generation doesn't care. Before he can retort, the office go-for interrupts to inform him his wife's on the phone. His daughter just went into labor. He takes off out the door to his bike and heads for the hospital.

        Halfway there it starts to rain; not hard, but still. Even so Dominic doesn't stop; he needs to reach his daughter. He rounds a curve ... and collides with a teenager driving in his lane. He goes one way while the bike goes the other. His life ends there on the roadside just as his granddaughter's begins. 

Trivia Edit

  • Dominic's name presumably was inspired by St. Dominic.

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