Dragons do exist in Crystal Prism, but they are rarely seen as they are popularly known, if at all. Most dragons here are presumed subspecies of more well-known types.

Origins Edit

Dragons appear mainly in stories set in Aufaniae. They first arrived in what is now known as Pallidium, then were driven out and colonized the other continents.

Appearances Edit

Rise of the Dragonfly Edit

While not a true dragon by any means, Abby Palmer's "imaginary friend" Dominic does take that form.

In Other Stories Edit

Gareth appeared in short stories in A Childhood Fantasy and made cameo appearances in fan fiction works. There are other stories, but the series titles are still being decided as are the full plots.

Culture Edit

Dragons in general have a patriarchal culture, and share certain customs and traditions. As a result they often understand each other’s way of thinking and behavior. Customs however do vary between species and tribes, so it is advisable to consult those specific articles.

Language Edit

Dragons naturally speak two main languages, their native tongue and “common speech”, a language understood by all non-humans. Most will eventually learn to comprehend the local tongue as well.

Hybrids Edit

In Aufaniae, there are a quite a few instances of crossbreeds and hybrids. For the most part such pairings are frowned upon or outright despised. The resulting offspring are usually distrusted and many die as a result of xenophobic reactions.

References Edit

Bibliography Edit

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