The House of Drake was introduced in Moonfire, as the bloodline to which Argent Drake belongs. The facts regarding it vary depending on which universe the story takes place in. The House of Drake is a family of Western Fire Dragons, or more accurately the remnants of the Blaze dragons.


A “Drake” is a Middle Swedish type of dragon. It developed from the Latin word for dragon, “draco”, and is also the term for a male duck.


The House of Drake originated in Europe. The line was forced out around 1475 A.D. due to hunting and persecution.


Blackthorn Drake and his people journeyed east after human persecution took a heavy toll on their population. Upon arriving in Japan, he attempted to bargain with the local Dragon King for unclaimed territory. Viridian Ryuu refused, forcing a battle between the two leaders, in which Blackthorn was forced to kill his opponent. In a gesture of goodwill he betrothed his son to Viridian’s daughter.


Members of the House of Drake appear in Moonfire.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Argent Drake
  • Pyrope Bloodstone



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