The "Drifter's Choice" is a vow used by both sandalius and galiugalius only in dire situations. It imposes self-exile on the ones that make it, permanently severing their ties to their current pack. The wording of the vow is as follows:

Hear me, pack-mates once sworn
I stand here to give voice
That as a wolf into freedom born
I know true freedom lies in the choice
No longer with you will I run
Nor howl or hunt or den
Those days and nights are done
Now only those of my blood and kin
Will I stand beside from now onward
To trust no pack but my own
Is my vow from this day forward
To protect only my flesh and bone
And that of (s)he who is my mate
Is the choice of which I have to tell
Now let each pack be left to its fate
And I wish you farewell
No wolf makes this vow lightly. It is only used when the current pack poses a threat to them or their mate. It is almost a declaration of cold war. The drifter will never be able to set foot in the pack's territory again without being deemed a threat and risking execution, nor will they be able to ask assistance of the pack for any reason. Likewise, any member of the pack becomes an enemy and is owed no assistance.

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