Our future's here and now... here comes the countdown!
Sound off, this is the call
Rise in revolution
It's our time to change it all
Rise in revolution
Unite! And fight!
To make a better life
Everybody, one for all
Sound off, this is the call
Tonight, we rise!
~ "Rise", Skillet
The Eevee Revolution is a division of the Pokémon Warriors team. Its led by the Jolten Anne and is slightly more ruthless in its tactics than its parent team.

Formation Edit

When Anne and Aftermath had both evolved and became mates, they became a "double team" [tag team], and when their children were born, the team expanded to include them as well.

Strategy and Battle Technique Edit

The Eevee Revolution is a team of no-nonsense battlers. They rarely use any sophisticated strategy; they hit as hard as they can, as fast as they can. Aftermath and Arunshock both know healing moves and will use those to come back harder the second time. While not the strongest of the main team, the Revolution is a force to be reckoned with.