Professor Willow: “I'm sure you and Electro will learn a lot from each other.”

Origin Edit

Electro was created in 1999. He was based on a Pikachu plush and a small toy.

Appearance Edit

Electro is 1' 4", and shares his markings and colors with the rest of his species. He wears a blue nylon collar and is built more like a rabbit than the hamster Pikachu resemble. Between his ears is a tuft of fur.

Information Edit

Electro is a very loyal, hyperactive Pokémon who’s always up for a battle. He takes things too seriously and can be easily offended. Regardless, he’s a good friend and one you’d rather have on your side. He is a Team Leader who takes no nonsense from his teammates and insists on training daily. He is prone to bouts of temper when challenged, and unable to back down from one even when all common sense says he should. Because of this he sometimes gets his tail kicked. He's capable of strategy and uses that to win most of his battles. He had a brief fling in his youth with a Raichu which resulted in the twins Squib and Filibuster.

Move Set Edit

  1. Thunderbolt
  2. Thundershock
  3. Surf
  4. Quick Attack

Trivia Edit

  • Electro originally was named Electron.
  • He is the real main character of his future series. He's the one on the journey, his Trainer is just being dragged along for the ride.
  • Electro also appears in the Troll Reformation League fan fiction Troll Division as a plush.