The Forest Lands is one of two sovereign states in The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor series, the other being the Pride Lands. The kingdoms (pride territories) are categorized first by state then by individual kingdom, similar to how various states are all part of the United States of America. The prides are “traditional” or “modern”. Citizens of either state are called pridelanders or forestlanders, regardless of pride membership.


The Forest Lands were created with the idea in mind that the original title of Kimba the White Lion is Jungle Emperor. And for there to be an Emperor, there must be an empire.


  • Jungle is the native pride of the Forest Lands. They later mixed with the descendants of the white Barbary Androcles, and was traditional until the takeover. Most of the lions are yellow or gold with usually uncolored muzzles and paws, underside markings and rare ear rims. Names are usually Kalenjin or Zulu.
  • Cliff was formed when the Jungle Pride split and is the second modern pride, with the Jungle being the first. Most of the lions are dark shades of brown or gold with colored muzzles, undersides, and paws. Names are usually Swahili or Zulu with exceptions for Betrotheds.
  • Mountain is a traditional pride of Aberdare Range, most of the lions are dark tan or gold, with darker spots, and dark manes, though manes lighten with age. Names are usually Swahili or Zulu with exceptions for outsiders. They hold the Great Lion Convention every spring, and claim that once all lions wore spots.
  • Shrine formed from descendants of Androcles kept by the villagers. Only the lions which shared Androcles’ white coat were permitted. Names were usually Kalenjin or Zulu. It is the source of the betrothal tradition, as Androcles had observed the practice and taught his children of it. The pride was forcibly disbanded when the white gene died out. Leona, a far removed descendant of Androcles, reestablished the pride, though she allowed those without white coats to join as well. Names may now be any known language.


  • All the Forest Land prides are based on Kimba the White Lion.

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