A galiugalius is a wolf with the ability to take a human form. However, a human form does not mean a human mind, and a galiugalius will still react with a wolf's logic and reason.

Origin Edit

The galiugalius began as a cruel experiment of the Destroyer. He sent his servant, pretending to be the Creator’s messenger, to several packs under persecution by humans. The servant offered them the power to take a human form. Some saw through the trick, knowing to become human was sacrilege; to become human was to become like the Creator. Those that did accept were punished; their disguises were rendered almost useless and they were "gifted" with new senses that became a dangerous weakness.

Information Edit

A galiugalius is usually born in wolf form, and gains the ability to take human form at age five. Their human form will always reflect their true form: their hair will match their fur, their eyes will remain the same color and the clothing they form will also match their pelt. They can change clothes after they shapeshift, but the second they resume their true form the new clothes will disappear.

Galiugalius live in packs just like the sandalius,and aside from their "gifts" there are no obvious differences in behavior. The first is Dream Walking, the skill to free one's spirit from their body to travel the Star Road and thus keep in touch with those bound to them by the second, the Heart Sense, an empathetic connection with those related by blood and their mates.

Trivia Edit

  • The term galiugalius is based upon Sandalius, a Latinized form of the Gothic name Sandulf which meant "true wolf" from sand "true" and ulf "wolf". The Gothic word ga-liuga or galiuga is believed by Cutler to mean "false" due to its use in translations for "false prophet" and "false Christ", and thus replaced sand to change the meaning to "false wolf".
  • The galiugalius is not the only species of "false" beasts; there is also a species of lion that is much the same, and the Bakeneko.

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