Gareth: “If you’re going to yell at me, Triarko, at least do it so I can understand you.”

Origin Edit

Gareth started out as Sharptooth from The Land Before Time. In 1996 his name was changed; it was borrowed from Lloyd Alexander's Time Cat.

Appearance Edit

Gareth is six-feet-tall, with blue-green eyes, and black scales edged in gold. Like his mother, he has a three-inch crown that extends from the back of his skull.

Information Edit

Gareth is kind and caring, though slightly selfish at times. He has a relaxed demeanor but is always wary, a bit short-tempered, and reactionary. He can have a good time, likes to tease his friends, but has to learn not to let others’ teasing bother him. All he wants is to be happy, safe, and loved. He fears harming someone he loves, or losing them. He has no time for prejudice and two-faced people. He is loyal to the end and has an ability to think things through. His short temper and protective nature are his greatest weaknesses. He believes to live each moment like it’s the last; one day you’ll be right. Death? It’s just something that one day we all face. Live well, and you have nothing to fear.

Trivia Edit

  • Gareth is one of Cutler's oldest characters; its a tie between him and Zephyr for the second oldest character period.