AshWolf: “‘It needs constant reassurance, and won't stop crying, no matter how much you try and calm it’. ‘Don't try to reason with it, because you can't’. WHAT?”

Origin Edit

Gloria is AshWolf’s “starter” Troll for the Troll Reformation League RPG.

Appearance Edit

In all known forms, she has green eyes and yellow fur in three different shades, darker on head and tail, lightest on her belly.

RPG forms Edit


Gloria as a Woozle.

Gloria was one of the smaller Watery-Eyed Weeping Woozles, only 6” tall when found. Her current form is a Shrewth (see infobox), which is 12" tall at the shoulder.

Mouse Edit

Gloria Mouse

Illustration of Gloria as a mouse.

Outside Art Roleplaying Games, Gloria takes the form of a mouse. This form is usually borderline anthropomorphic, similar to Gadget on the TV series Rescue Rangers.

Information Edit

Gloria was found by AshWolf Forever in the Quattuor Forest. She accepted the position of the Troll’s tamer. Gloria didn't really bond with the she-wolf, choosing to cling to a Pokémon plush and fantasies. She then met her Tamer’s second Troll, an egotistical Lone Drone named Bumble. With the assistance of her tamer and teammate, as well as the friendship she made with another Woozle, she slowly calmed down and became almost chipper. However, her past caught up with her in the form of her ex, Mason. She survived his hunt but now has to deal with him as a teammate, which annoys her to no end.

Gloria, like most Woozles, was very easily upset. She was a perfect pest, always crying “Poor me!” and driving everyone within hearing distance crazy. The only way to make her somewhat tolerable was to give her access to her Tamer’s music collection. Then she would start singing along with her favorite songs, such as the country tunes “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” and “Cry On Command”, never noticing her actions bordered on satire. Her “best friend” was a plush version of the other starter in her owner’s custody, Electro the Pikachu. In the fanfiction version of her story Gloria wrote, it was his unfortunate job to keep the poor Troll from being killed by her Tamer’s various characters, which meant being her constant companion. As a result the Troll was shocked into unconsciousness on a regular basis. Which just gave her one more thing to complain about: “Why are you so mean, you BIG MEANIE!”

After she met the real Electro, something snapped in Gloria. She hardened her heart and gave up on romantic relationships. She also gave up the "poor me" attitude; she's quite capable of standing on her own two feet. She has many regrets, her "two" exes at the top of the list.

During the fall of the TRL Hive, Gloria was hidden away with Tyler. Having already grown from the woe-is-me crybaby she once was, her reformation was triggered during their escape, and she became a Shrewth. Her real friendships with her teammates Bumble and Datura and the Woozles Bo Peep and Crys helped her grow rather than clinging to fantasies. She spends much of her time training with Torōru, keeping her skills sharp. She values her teammates, but leaves the leading to Bumble and Chihiro. After the metamorphosis she’s grown closer to Tyler as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Gloria is extremely loyal.
  • She was named after the several musicians and bands.