Jabali: Yeah, so? He'll be easier to see then. An easy target.

Origin Edit

Jabali was originally named Alana. She is Cutler's OC version of Simba's great-great-grandmother.

Appearance Edit

Jabali is a golden lioness with a brown nose, orange eyes and a dark brown tail tip.

Information Edit

Jabali is a natural-born warrior. The eldest of Malkia’s daughters, she assumes the title "queen" after her mother’s death. It is she the Creator chooses as Mtume’s mate, and the two make a powerful team. Unlike the Jungle and Cliff prides, the Pride Rock Pride has no special reverence for white lions, so she is understandably confused by her mate’s surprise at the birth of their firstborn, Chale.

Trivia Edit

  • Jabali's name was chosen because "Alan" also means "rock".