Jack-Martin: There is no escape; we are the fallen. We are the forgotten.

Origin Edit

Jack, like Tristina, was originally a Halloween decoration. The black cat however owes much of his personality to books from 1992. He also was briefly know as Jack the Karate Cat.

Information Edit

Jack-Martin is determined to save his people from the curse, and in a desperate attempt to circumvent it, breeds with a house cat. His daughters are used in “tests” to see if, being only half-Baluari, they can die normally. They can’t. The discovery of these acts causes a fight with his mate, which ends with her dead and their son in a rage.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Karate Cat" days may well spring from The Comic Strip TV series that ran when Cutler was three.
  • He was also known as "Jack" and "Jack-Martin Die-Hard".