“A white dog cut across his path when Cain strode out into the bright moonlight. He froze at the shepherd’s warning growl.”

~ Sunny's Girl

Origin Edit

Favor was obviously named for the song by Clint Black. Cutler had not yet seen the film; the music video was quite enough until 2013. He was the second of the trio to be created, all of which were named for song titles.

Appearance Edit

Jack Favor is pure white with brown eyes. His eyes always have a cold, cynical look. He is well-built and haggard-looking, steaming from his days as a farmer’s dog.

Information Edit

At one point, Favor was a compassionate individual with a strong work ethic and loyal heart. Events in his past have made him distrustful and angry. Originally named Cadillac, Favor was “wrongly convicted” of the murder of his owner when he allowed a group of strays spent the night while they were away. His owner and girlfriend returned early and were killed. The main assailant, a white husky, was caught and put down years ago but not in connection with the attack. Favor’s name was never cleared and until his death he was hunted for the crime. As the Islanders never attempted to clear him, he was more than willing to assist Cain in his revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Once upon a time, Favor was a good dog with few choices. He broke out of the pound in at least one early draft. He was created at the same time as Desperado and the Ricochet.

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