Jagger: Lose your feet, lose your life.

Origin Edit

Jagger was inspired by the title character of Jack London's White Fang. His name was suggested by Cutler's mother in honor of Mick Jagger.

Appearance Edit

Jagger is lanky gray canine. He appears to be wolf with a chewed left ear tip. His eyes, typical of his breed, are gold.

Information Edit

Jagger is an older battle-scarred warrior of a wolfdog. He takes over Jasper Mountain alongside his mate Juno, and holds it until his death. He takes no nonsense and has very little in the way of sense of humor.

Trivia Edit

  • Jagger is one of the older characters of Crystal Prism. His usual role is that of Pack Leader in stories about Ashtree Waxwing/Sin Nara. Due to those stories now being in reconstruction, his canon placement in the universe is up in the air.