“Amaranth’s blood is very much alive. In the shadows what’s called a mountain, but is really a hill To this day his descendants thrive. And they most likely always will” ~ Expert from the folk song, Amaranth the Dreamer


The Jasper Mountain Pack was founded in roughly 1513 A.D. It was the first ever in Nirvana Valley. As explained in Amaranth the Dreamer, a young male wolf by the name of Amaranth became a drifter, taking with him his mate and six others. They traveled far and wide in search of a new home; eventually coming to settle in what would later be known as Nirvana Valley. His territory surrounded the hill called Jasper Mountain, and thus Amaranth is the founder of the Jasper Mountain Pack. In due course his descendants and the wolves he brought with him drifted off to form their own packs. Today they fill almost half of the valley. Throughout the years that have passed since it was founded it has never been disbanded. The leaders have changed; nevertheless it has always been there. Jasper Mountain was most recently claimed by the wolf-dog Jagger, and his descendants still control it today.

Pack Leaders Edit

  • Amaranth
  • Jagger
  • Gray One




The Jasper Mountain Pack predates the film Alpha and Omega by over a decade. It actually got its name from Cutler's mother’s hometown and a slate bank she played on as a child.

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