Jinenji: The small seed can grow into the tallest tree, so always be aware of the seeds you plant.

Origin Edit

Jinenji is an adopt won in the Nasty Beasts RPG designed by Scarlet-Pikachu.

Appearance Edit

Jinenji is a green elephant-like creature with blue eyes and a happy smile.

Information Edit

Jinenji, or Jin, is the self-appointed groundskeeper of Crepundium. The little Eleshrubber can be found tending to the various plants and trees that grow in his home. He's very shy though, and will disappear into the foliage if praised for the good job he does. He may not have many friends among the other OCs, but Lin and Shiori can be seen following him around and helping out as much as they can. Jin sometimes has a set of baskets hanging on either side of his body filled with harvested herbs on one side and seeds on the other. Need a pain killer? Ask Jinenji. A contraceptive? Jin again. The Nasty sometimes visits, with his Tamer's help, the dragon Jeremiah, who is Crystal Prism's best healer.

Trivia Edit

  • Jinenji is named for the first half-demon that Kagome meets besides InuYasha in the series of the same name.