Julian: Cian likes to say we never really die, that "when we die we feed our blood and kin; body to earth, earth to grass, grass to prey, prey to wolf, we live on. All is a dance of life and death".

Eclipse: *snorts* That is easily the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Julian: *laughs* I know. I tell him that all the time.

Origin Edit

Julian is one of several characters created during the original run of The Windwater Pack.

Appearance Edit

Julian is a silver wolf with white markings and a black mask on his face much like his great-grandfather's. He is built lightly like his mother.

Information Edit

Julian is youngest living son of Zephyr and Sequana. He is a practical joker, playful, kind, considerate, but just a bit snappish. He lost both his parents in the same winter, as well as an elder wolf. He also lost a brother when he was a puppy. He met his mate Eclipse and Jeremy when he was a year old. He is very close to his siblings and his nephew Fox.

Trivia Edit

  • In canon, Julian is named after his father's "spirit brother", but in reality he is the namesake of the Angel of Vengeance from the novel A Year and a Day.