Kohaku: No use makin' wishes for eaten fishes.

Origin Edit

Kohaku is an adopt won in the Nasty Beats RPG, designed by Wolfsea.

Appearance Edit

Kohaku is a yellow-gold dolphin-like creature, his eyes are green and he sports a pale yellow horn.

Information Edit

AshWolf hadn’t planned on acquiring any aquatic creatures, but the plight of the released Dauni got her attention. She had her Suicune Hurricane and Vaporeon Ariel herd him into one of her home’s rivers and thus to safety. Her first offer of a home, Fire Lake, was turned down in favor of Twilight Cove, where he pretty much has the whole place to himself aside from the fish and a couple Pokémon.

Kohaku is a playful creature that enjoys his coy games, like tag and keep away. He also enjoys showing off with stunts that make his Tamer laugh. His favorite food so far is Tilapia. He can be counted on to lift his friends' spirits when they are feeling down, sometimes seeming wiser than one would think of such a playful creature.

Trivia Edit

  • Kohaku was named after the dragon in Spirited Away and Sango's brother in InuYasha.