Kusketa Mohekun: The Story of the Black Wolf is a novella tribute to three writers of classic wolf stories: James Oliver Curwood, from whom Cutler took the title, he referred to it as a moniker for the title character in his novel Baree; Jack London, whose novel White Fang inspired the backbone of this story; and lastly, Jim Kjelgaard, whose novel Snow Dog’s villain is the title character thinly disguised.


This is the life story of the black wolf Kuzketa, right up to when he is introduced in Shade-of-the-Night’s Shadow Walker. In Alaska a wolf is born to a solo she-wolf. He survives a famine only to lose his mother to a hunter. Eventually he finds “others of his blood”, a duo of wolf siblings and they form a pack. Fate however is not content to leave him in peace.


Some people might call this story an original work. Cutler, however, considers it fan fiction due to the fact it Kuzketa is simply her take on The Black Wolf in Snow Dog. Skolar is a blend of Call of the Wild’s Billie and Sol-leks. Kazan and Baree are obviously based upon their namesakes. Blizzard is much like Kiche from White Fang. Without them, there would be no Kuzketa, Blizzard, or any of the other characters. There would be no story.