Professor Scarlet: You know you waaaant her.

AshWolf: Scar, you are ... UGH! She's so cute!

Professor Scarlet: I'm evil.

AshWolf: Yes. That.

Origin Edit

Lin suckered AshWolf into adopting her simply by being too cute to resist.

Appearance Edit

Lin is a combo of pink and purple, with yellow eyes and white tails.

Information Edit

Lin is an adorable ball of fluff. She spends most of her time following her Tamer around, conning her into long petting sessions. So far her interactions with the rest of the team have been uneventful. When not attached at the hip to Ash, Lin can be found head-bobbing to music with Bumble, playing ball with Gloria and Torōru, or helping Jinenji as he tends all of Crepundium. She sleeps in a corner of her Tamer’s den, rather than have her own place. Lin seems to have no concept of physical beauty, or concern for ranks or breeding. She will befriend anyone who treats her kindly, yet can not see these friends for months and simply pick up where they left off. She is very fond of oranges, and enjoys Bumble's jams... the ones without wasps, anyway. One of her "tails" is shorter than the others.

Trivia Edit

  • Lin is named after a character in Spirited Away.